There are a lot of smart, experienced, and hungry designers out there.
And I’m sure by now they’re all starting to look a lot alike.

Well, here are some things you might not know about us:

We are relentlessly curious:

We seek out knowledge in the most unlikely places. We need to understand exactly what our clients do.

We take it personally:

Success and failure involve emotions and a sense of caring that goes beyond a job.

We appreciate humor:

You need to enjoy what you’re doing and find the humor. If not, why bother?


Chris Buehler

A graphic designer with over 27 years of experience in branding and corporate communications.

Chris works with clients to help grow their brands, solve problems, and to create new visual experiences. Although you might label him a graphic designer, he possess a unique and versatile combination of critical thinking, writing and business acumen — with a passion for branding and design. The result is someone who can pitch a new client and draft a budget in the morning, work with the team on creative concepts in the afternoon, then finish the day by doing a little coding.

His day-to-day goal is to develop a vision and strategy for our clients that brings a creative vision to life, while at the same time speaking their language and solving their problems. He acts as their voice — the lens through which their customers, partners, investors and colleagues experience their services and products. Someone’s gotta do it.

• Brand Strategy
• Corporate Identity
• Website Design & Production; Content Management Systems
• Corporate & Investor Presentations
• Corporate Newsletters & Magazines — both in print and online
• Content-rich eMail Announcements
• Annual Reports
• Tradeshow Booth Design & Fabrication

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