The 15-second elevator pitch…

25 years of experience in Graphic Design — from web sites and interactive applications, to annual reports, corporate magazines, collateral systems, and brand identities.

My career has focused on corporate communications for a diverse collection of Fortune 1000 clients in primarily biotech and pharmaceutical, energy, financial services, and philanthropy. I’ve work as a freelancer, and for design firms large and small.

For over six years, I co-owned and managed a successful creative services agency. It didn’t survive the economic downturn of ’07, but there were some good lessons there.


What I’ve been doing lately…


405 Group   |   Emeryville. CA        01.2011 to 10.01.2015

405 Group is a design firm dedicated to creating and revitalizing visual brands. A talented group of thinkers, problem solvers and innovators serving Bay Area clients in technology, pharma & biotech, energy, banking, and philanthrophy.

As Director of the Interactive work, my responsibility was to guide and manage the web projects. One of my main responsibilities was ensuring that our client’s strategic business goals were met with the most creative and technically appropriate communications solutions possible. I supported the day-to-day workflow and client relationships for this fast-paced, agile design firm. I also established budgets based on client requirements, control operating expenses for each project, and participated in business development.

  • Successful growing and managing multiple client relationships as a trusted partner
  • Passionate and knowledgeable communicator
  • Strategic and detailed oriented
  • An entrepreneurial spirit with a sense of timeliness and urgency
  • Intellectually curios
  • Win-win negotiator with solid business acumen
  • Ability to remain composed and solution-focused
  • Experience leading complex website builds

Tell me more…


Formative, Inc. | Berkeley. CA 04.2005 to 12.2010

Formative was a full-service design and creative services agency based in Berkeley, California. It developed distinctive branding systems that helped clients communicate clearly and memorably with investors, partners and employees.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really survive the ’07 crash. One-by-one, our clients cut-back their budgets until there wasn’t much left. We held out as long as we could. Today, co-founder Bill Ribar carries the pennant and provides design services for a handful of our former clients.

As President, I focused on the company’s long-term objectives and strategic partnerships, day-to-day operations, and bottom-line performance. I was also responsible for the development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that created and delivered the firm’s products and services. I ensured that business operations were efficient and effective and that proper management of resources and services to our customers was flawlessly executed.

In short, I maintained both the “vision” and the “nuts-and-bolts”.

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of production techniques, including printing processes, proofing, etc.
  • Ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines
  • Strong computer skills — 25 years of working with Macs
  • Versant in the latest desktop publishing applications, project management tools, budgeting software
  • Extensive knowledge of web design and production

  • Can embrace and effectively cope with change;  I don’t mind shifting gears
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset that allows rapid, confident decision-making
  • Know how businesses work and am knowledgeable in current policies, practices, and trends that can affect the organization
  • Good at directing others and establishing clear objectives
  • Enjoy problem solving and finding effective solutions
  • Can simplify complex processes and make technology easy to understand
  • Have exceptional time management skills;  I use time effectively and efficiently and get more done in less time than others


Bachelor of Fine Arts   |   Cum Laude   |   Graphic Arts Emphasis, 1991

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan